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10,000 Shot Club


10,000 SHOT CLUB

The 10,000 Shot Club is a program designed to improve your shooting skills during the off-season.  10,000 quality shots during the summer is all it takes to become a member of the 10,000 Shot Club. That’s just 66 shots per day (April 1, 2019 - August 30, 2019). Challenge yourself and your friends and improve your shooting at the same time.


All returning Bloomington Jefferson Boys Traveling Basketball players that will be returning to play 4th - 8th grade traveling basketball in the 2019 - 2020 season are eligible.


The 10,000 Shot Club will begin April 1, 2019 and end August 30, 2019. 


By successfully attempting 10,000 shots, you will get your name on the JBTBA website, an introduction at a Boys Varsity basketball game and a 10,000 Shot Club t-shirt.  But the BIGGEST reward will be when the season starts, and you see more of your shots hitting the bottom of the net! 


If you would like to sign up and attempt to earn a membership into the 10,000 Shot Club for 2019, please sign-up by May 1st, 2019.  Please send an email to: and include the following information:

  • Your name
  • 2019-2020 School grade (not team grade)
  • 2018-2019 Team / Coach’s name
  • Shirt size (recommendation: order the size you will want in the fall of 2019!)


  • You can attempt your shots in your driveway, in the park, at open gym, WHEREVER you can find a basket!
  • Your parents / guardian do not have to watch, only to verify that to the best of their knowledge you had the time/opportunity to shoot your shots. If they want to help that is great but not required.
  • Email your progress (see Excel file or PDF file at the top of this page) at least twice per month to:
  • It is not required to shoot a specific amount of shots per day or week, but it will be difficult to attempt 10,000 shots if you start in August!

10,000 Shot Club Recommendations

  • Shoot GAME SHOTS!
    • Game shots are different for every player.  Post players may want to work on their post moves while players that attack the basket may want to work on dribble moves to the basket and free throws, and jump shooters will want to work on shots in their range.
    • Challenge yourself.  As you grow and develop as a player, continue to add to your game.  The off-season and the 10,000 Shot Club is a perfect time to improve. 
  • Shoot at GAME SPEED!
    • You should try to shoot all your shots at GAME SPEED because that is what will help make you a better shooter during games. Standing around and playing “horse” with a friend may be fun, but really isn’t helping you come game time.
  • Shoot free throws!
    • Free throws are part of the game.  When you shoot shots at game speed for a long period of time, you will need to rest. Free throws are a great way to rest during a game speed workout and are good practice for what it is like to shoot a free throw when you are fatigued during a game.
  • When specifically working on shooting, use the following tips to help improve your shooting.
    • Work to develop proper form.
    • Start shooting in close to the basket and then progressively move out.
    • Practice shots that you will take in a game.
    • Shoot off movement (shoot off the dribble and catch and shoot after a cut).
    • Develop a routine that combines a variety of shots.
    • Use fakes and drives when shooting.
    • Follow all shots. Never let the ball bounce twice.
    • Practice shots after you are tired.
    • Incorporate free throws into you shooting.
    • Have the right mindset when practicing. SHOOT WITH CONFIDENCE.
      • You have to believe that every shot you take is going in - Have the shooter’s mentality!
  • Don’t worry about the number of shots you make. Just worry about your form and practice game shots at game speed.